The Online African Surgery Database

Improving surgical data collection and reporting in Africa



The primary objective of OASD is to enable realtime collection of data on surgical diseases and systems in sub-Saharan Africa into a freely accessible online database that can be used to generate periodic reports which can be used to guide and influence decisions and policies on safe surgical care in Africa.


This database is designed to be used by health care workers in any country in sub-Saharan Africa who are directly involved in the care of surgical pateints. The health worker or their research assistant have to open up a user account through which they will have access to the database. The database currently has three registries. These registries include the "African cancer registry", "The African trauma registry", "The African non-trauma emergency surgery registry". Once the user has accessed the registry, all they have to do is enter the patient details into the database forms and have the forms submitted. The patient names are concealed for confidentiality purposes and the patient details are never published but the statistics used to generate relevant information for usage in planning and distribution of surgical care.


African Cancer Registry

The African cancer registry is an online cancer registry. This is a general health unit registry and the information is entered by health care providers. This information includes basic demographics of the patient, the clinical and investigations findings, the cancer staging, the treatment and outcome of the treatment.

African Trauma Registry

The African trauma registry is also online and its health care oreinted. The health worker enters information on trauma patients. The information includes demographics, trauma cause, patterns of injuries, risks factors, treatment and outcome.

African non-trauma emergency surgery Registry

This registry is aimed at having all non-trauma emergency surgery conditions that are treated in the various centers in sub-Saharan Africa entered. these conditions include intestinal obstruction, emergency hernias, torsion, intestinal perforations among others.

Customised Forms

Through OASD, any researcher who wishes to conduct research in any region within a country, country or the entire sub-Saharan Africa sub-continent can have customised online forms designed and availed thorugh this platform to different research assistants who can login in and have the data submitted to the database. This information can later be accessed by the principal investigator and exported into a data analysis software.


Periodic reports will be generated depending on how much data has been submitted and these reports will be availed on this page in this section. Detailed reports will also be provided in PDF format