The Center for Epidemiology of Surgical Diseases (CESDA) is an organisation that was set up to promote universal access to safe surgery in sub-Saharan Africa through the promotion of research in surgery. We know that without facts and figures, its difficult to influence decisions and effect change. Together we are laying the foundation for improving surgery in Africa by building and creating the platform to generate and utilise surgical research to effect the change we want.


To build capacity in surgical research by empowering surgeons to conduct, publish, collaborate and utilise existing and new research through the creation of conducive support systems with the aim of achieving the global surgery 2030 goal of universal access to safe surgical care.

The CESDA Structure and subsidiary organisations

CESDA has distributed its core functions into subsidiary organisations in order to improve efficiency.
Much as all these work under the same umbrella, they are uniquely equipped to efficiently handle the specific projects and activities of CESDA.Below are the different subsidiaries in CESDA.


The role of the ASF in CESDA is to support to surgical researchers through the provision of grants, scholarships and any other form of support to enable them successfully conduct research effectively.


The African Institute of Surgical Studies conducts training in surgical research methods, projects management, policy and several courses in surgical leadership and management.


AFISA is the advocacy arm of CESDA and aims to translate surgical research into policy through advocacy for change.


Surgical Research Conduction and Implementation is the division that directly handles the conduction of surgical research in CESDA.

Objectives of CESDA

The primary objective of CESDA is to promote safe surgical care through promotion of surgical research as a means of informing and determing the direction of surgical care. Specific objectives include:

  • Research Conduction and dissemination support

  • Training and Education

  • Advocacy for safe surgical care promotion

  • Consultancy and Project implementation

  • Health Service delivery

The 20 year Master plan

The CESDA home will be a one stop center where all solutions to surgical research development are obtained.


The CESDA house will be a regional one stop hub that will house the CESDA head-quarters. This house will also host the African servers for storage of all data and information about surgical services. The long term dream is that each country should have CESDA infrastructure all co-ordinated at the CESDA house.


The CESDA has an organisational structure headed by the Executive Director.
Currently CESDA has three full time leaders and is yet to have a board of governors selected.

Ms. Joan Aine

Administrator CESDA

Ms. Cephas Nakanwagi

General Secretary CESDA


The Center aims to offer support to various researchers to enable them make significant contribution to surgical care through advancement of research.

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