Cancer kills more people in sub-Saharan Africa than HIV, TB and malaria combined.
Trauma just like cancer is the leading cause of death and disabilty among youth and young adults and is responsible for more deaths in this age group than all the above infectious diseases combined. Overall surgical diseases contribute to the greatest number of deaths and disabilty in sub-Saharan Africa and as a result, urgent recognition and prioritisation of surgical diseases and there impact on sub-Saharan livelihoods is needed.
There is a great unmet surgical need despite awareness of the burden of these diseases
CESDA comes in to meet this need by building capacity in conduction and utilisation of surgical research.

The Online African Surgery Database(OASD)

The first of its kind. This free online Database can be
used to collect surgical research data in sub-Saharan Africa.

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To achieve substantial regional African surgical information, we need to gather data from various centers in different sub-Saharan countries. The OASD meets a critical challenge that has for long prevented multinational data collection. With OASD, one major research project can concurrently run in multiple sub-Saharan countries all entering information into one database. Different researchers can have databases created in OASD and have their multinational research conducted seamlessly..

Journal of the Epidemiology of Surgical
Diseases in Africa (JESDA)

This online free journal provides visibilty for research in surgery
by publishing findings of researches in sub-Saharan Africa.
It thus contributes significantly to the few existing structures for
dissemination of surgical research.

About this journal


CESDA conducts and supports various surgery projects
as well as consultancies in capacity building in surgical
service delivery especially in rural sub-Saharan Africa.



The Center aims to offer support to various researchers to enable them make significant contribution to surgical care through advancement of research.

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